YWith an all out attack that no one can rival, headcount no one dares challenge and a message no one can resist, prepare for the xDEATHSTARx. Seven members strong and two singers up on everyone else, xDEATHSTARx hails from the utopian land of Redlands, California, where your friends are your family, IBC root beer replaces Budweiser, a church called ‘Titheme’ houses a service full of hardcore kids, Thanksgiving is celebrated with a “ThanksVegan” feast and C-lo gets rolled in exchange for tattoos.

xDEATHSTARx opened the floodgates in summer of 2002 after releasing their five-song demo, "Beware of the xDEATHSTARx" in 2003. The energy of their live performance and brutal musical style has put them at the forefront of the already booming So-Cal hardcore scene. Blending the sounds of At the Gates, Disembodied, and Hatebreed with lyrics that mirror their philosophy of positive living and heart-felt scene experience, their anthems are undeniably fierce, and so is their vision. This band is on a warpath to mark their place in the world. They bring a vast collective of musicianship to create a wall of sound that will leave you ravaged yet uplifted.

Before ever releasing a full-length album xDEATHSTARx played Facedown Fest ’06 and The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival of the same year. They have also appeared on The Discovery Channel’s “Jesse James' Monster Garage" in March of 2006.

xDEATHSTARx recorded their debut Facedown release this past May at Trax East Studios with Eric Rachel. A February ‘07 release will be titled ‘We Are the Threat’. In the meantime, check out some of their music on Pure Volume.

Hometown: Redlands, CA